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Viewer's Choice Award
for 2015

Also the Grand Prize Winner for 2015
Pieced 1950 to Present
Candice Justice

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2015 Quilt Show Photos

Above:  Some second floor entries

Right: Partial first floor exhibit and as you enter the show taken from above


 This year’s Best of Show winner is Candice Justice for her Pieced - 1950 to Present quilt Tonight I Drink for Scotland.
            First Place Winners are Sue Barr, Household; Betty Blanton, Lap Quilts; Donna Gash, Clothing/Purses; Pat French, Pieced; Jean Goebel Appliqué/Pieced; Jeanne Kirwan, Appliqué; Ellen Monson, Wall Hangings; Mary Shroyer, Wall Hangings; Brenda Stultz, Pieced; Mohan Tracy, Novelties; and Joyce Wallace, Clothing/Purses.
            Second Place Winners are Robert Chester, Embroidered; Sherry Fourez, Pieced; Nicole Gouty, Embroidered; Joyce Guymon, Pieced; Bonnie Johnson, Wall Hangings; Suzanne LaBombard, Lap Quilts; Donica Miller, Appliqué/Pieced; Ellen Monson, Pieced; Eric M. Stockberger, Unquilted Tops; Linda Thompson, Clothing/Purses; and Joyce Wallace, Wall Hangings.
            Third Place Winners are Janice Elwell, Appliqué/Pieced; Chris Foreman, Embroidered; Joyce Guymon, Pieced; Janie Hackett, Wall Hangings; Hearts & Hands Night Quilters, Appliqué/Pieced; Ila Hillard, Appliqué/Pieced; Richard Jones, Wall Hangings; Linda Thompson, Kit; Mohan Tracy, Pillows; Brenda Stultz, Pieced; Brenda Spurgeon, Lap Quilts; Brenda Spurgeon, Pieced; Marianne Venute, Baby; Karen Powell, Clothing/Purses; and Marilyn Young, Household.
           Honorable Mention winners are Bonnie Johnson, Wall Hangings; Ruth Jones, Pieced; Ruth Jones, Appliqué/Pieced; Richard Jones, Appliqué/Pieced; and Beverly A. Stockdale, Wall Hangings.




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